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              Welcome to visit jinan kai yue machinery co., LTD's official website!
              Service hotline

                  Ji'nan Kai Yue Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005.Located in Tang Zhen Dong Chai Kaiyue Industrial Park, Licheng District, Ji'nan City National Key Technology Development Zone.Is a capital technology, strong, with its own design and development center, quality control center and marketing service center of modern enterprises.  

                 As a collection of scientific research, production and sales services as one of the integrated technology companies,Kay Yue machine has developed into a variety of Chinese door and window curtain wall industry sales of the country.Products covered by the professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy doors and windows aluminum curtain wall plastic steel door and window insulation profiles composite hollow glass and industrial aluminum processing machinery.

                 Kai Yue company has a very rich experience in the industry of high-quality work team.Companies always believe in the quality of the first, the user is supreme.Face the competition situation,KaiYue company with confidence
              .The future will be more updated to better processing equipment.  

                 In the face of the development of the new era, the company continuously strengthen enterprise management,Deepen the enterprise culture, make high-quality goods.Meet customer needs, cast high-end quality.Kai yue company all staff is willing to work with the industry of the people from all walks of life, sincere cooperation ,Create a better future for the industry!

              Ji'nan Kai Yue Machinery Co., Ltd
              Service hotline:18615638008 15610125666
              Headquarters address:Huaneng road Licheng District No. 368 5E901,Ji'nan